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Roswell Chiropractor : Dr. Kristen Welsh

Roswell Chiropractor, Dr. Kristen Welsh

Roswell Chiropractor, Dr. Kristen Welsh

Dr. Kristen Welsh was born in Tarrytown, New York.  In her early years, she, her twin brother, and her younger brother moved often as her dad’s corporate career took them cross country and back again.  Although moving frequently was tough as we were growing up it was an adventure, awakened a love of travel and an opportunity to have friends around the country.  She attended Marist High School in Atlanta, Georgia and upon graduation received a principle nomination to the United States Air Force Academy from Rep. John Lewis.  She is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.  After proudly serving our country  for 10 years, she left the Air Force at the rank of captain to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

One of our family’s proudest moments was Dr. Kristen’s graduation from Life University, where her dad gave the commencement address and both her parents were invited to join her on the stage as she received her degree.

Having grown up in a chiropractic family, Dr. Kristen witnessed first hand how chiropractic care can change people’s lives for the better.

She wanted to share this knowledge and passion with others, so they may have the opportunity to attain true health and wellness naturally, through chiropractic care.

A defining moment in Dr. Kristen’s life occurred during her freshman year in college; her twin brother was gravely injured when he was struck by a car while riding his bike on the sidewalk.  He endured multiple surgeries for life threatening injuries which include a lacerated liver and collapsed lung.  After multiple attempts the surgeons were unable to inflate his lung and his blood count was declining rapidly.  The prognosis was poor.  Dr. Claire, their mother, adjusted his Atlas (bone in upper neck) and his lung instantaneously inflated and his prognosis improved.

Her twin went on to make a full recovery and Dr. Kristen’s life was changed forever.  It was at that point that she new she had been given a special gift, seeing the life-saving effects of a chiropractic adjustment, and she knew that she would one day become a chiropractor.  Nine years later she left the military to pursue this dream.

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Kristen Welsh

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Kristen Welsh

Dr. Kristen has continued her post-graduate education and completed the Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (C.C.S.T.)  The C.C.S.T. program is a highly acclaimed, comprehensive post-graduate program that presents current chiropractic applications of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, clinical case management, and records management for trauma cases.   The certification, credentialed through the International Chiropractic Association Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences (“CACS”), is renowned for its exceptional combination of groundbreaking research updates and practical clinical applications.   Dr. Kristen explains that after her brother’s trauma and then having been involved in a motor vehicle accident herself, she was drawn to learn the latest information.  She notes that this specialized training continues to help her in treating those patients injured in motor vehicle accidents.

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